Hall Trials 2023 – syngenta-wholesale-vegetables

Welcome to the Syngenta Wholesale Trials in Hall, NY.  The Wholesale team is excited to be participating in this event for the first time and have been looking forward to your visit.

For your convenience, we have created this Hall Trial landing page for easy access to the technical information, features and benefits on the varieties you will be viewing during your visit.  Please take a moment to bookmark this page for future reference.  Additionally we are providing a hand-out for note-taking in the field.  During your field visit we will be touching base on upcoming new additions to the Wholesale portfolio, phase-out transitions, and getting to know you and your business needs better.

What’s New?

Syngenta Wholesale is thrilled to be adding a curated collection of lettuces to our portfolio.  Our trials feature an advance showing of Romaine, Multileaf, Butter and Batavia types.  

Thank you so much for attending Hall!

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